MYSA takes you out of your head and into your body

Clothing that lets you take control of your life

Meet MYSA, a revolutionary wearable companion designed to empower young women amidst the overwhelming grip of anxiety.

We're in the midst of an anxiety epidemic that hits girls the hardest: 50% of young women struggle with emotional problems. This figure has doubled since 2017. This alarming social trend, widespread in most high-income countries, manifests itself serious problems such as panic attacks, hyperventilation, social isolation, school dropout and, in the most severe cases, self-harm.

“When anxiety hits, I would like to have a tool – a guide – to take me by the hand.”

“The hardest part of my anxiety is when I lose connection with my body, then MYSA can support me.””

“The feeling of being touched helps me to reconnect with my body and thus calm down”

"The soothing vibrations linger, keeping me mindful of breath long after I take off the shirt."

User experiences with MYSA

What do young women need when having a panic attack? we asked them, and learned: “Someone that stands by you, and accompanies you.” So that’s what MYSA does.

Through waves of touch the MYSA shirt guides them towards calm breathing and stimulates their body awareness to find a sense of calm, mental clarity and grounding. Anytime, anywhere.

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Breathwork and body awareness: the key to improved well-being

This smart, base layer garment with small integrated vibration motors, is your personal companion for anxiety relief. Worn discreetly throughout the day, MYSA’s guiding vibrations are there whenever you need them. Choose your customized breathing program on the MYSA app. Practice for 3-5 minutes at a time, empowering yourself to cultivate resilience and self-care at your own terms. Accessible and actionable support, without the waitlists.

Team: united by a holistic mindset and committed to create social impact

Find out what breathwork and body awareness means to the founding team

Charlotte Kjellander (PhD Materials Science)
“Body awareness saved my life. I survived a meningitis infection when I was 18 and endured chronic headaches ever since; for ten years I tried all sorts of medicines and treatments, but only when understanding and accepting that the body and mind are connected, I could manage my headaches. Today daily breathwork keeps me balanced and energized.”


Caroline Ruijg (MBA)
“Throughout my twenties I developed a driving anxiety; this had a profound impact on my sense of independence, mobility, self-confidence, and overall mental well-being. Therapies didn’t help but by practicing slow and deep breathing exercises before, during and after my driving, I am able to regain control and reclaim the driver’s seat of my life.”


Pauline van Dongen (PhD Fashion Design)
“In my twenties, I suffered from hyperventilation due to prolonged stress and high expectations I placed on myself. Being short of breath is such an anxious experience, only then you realize how important it is to regulate your breathing! This is how breathing transformed for me from something fairly unconscious to a very conscious and powerful practice in my daily life.”


We created MYSA to empower you to take control of how you feel

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